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intelligence personnel were deployed to obtain close intelligence on the massive ongoing struggle known as ‘Gota Go Gama’ at Galle Face.

Sixty SIS State Intelligence personnel, 80 plainclothes STF intelligence officers and Army intelligence personnel were deployed on the night of the 15th (yesterday) alone to obtain close intelligence on the massive ongoing struggle known as ‘Gota Go Gama’ at Galle Face. 200. Who is taking the independent lead in this struggle? Who helps? Etc. They have obtained information. According to their information, more than 200,000 people had visited Gota Go village from time to time yesterday alone.

After an assessment of the situation, a police curfew will be imposed in the area on the 16th, today. No vehicles will be allowed to enter. At the same time, the trade union protest in support of the Galle Face protest will be suppressed by imposing emergency and essential service laws.

A massive army and police force is due to evacuate protesters and ‘cleanse’ the village of Gota Go on Sunday the 17th. Most often it happens at night or in the morning.

Although there is enough petrol in the country at present, the supply of it to vehicles has been restricted to minimize public participation in the Galle Face protest. 4G data supply has also been disrupted for that.

Then, in the no-confidence motion to be tabled in parliament by the opposition on the 18th, the government and the president will have to show that they have 113 and show that they are strong.

In parallel to this repression, separate operations have been planned to stifle the struggle. One is to arrest and publicize those who claim to have drugs among the militants themselves. The horrible thing is to assassinate a monk or a lay leader who is provocatively fighting for the government against the struggle and to blame it on the protesting youth for its repression. The second plan was Mara’s proposal and Nanda says he has not yet approved it.