Hundreds of thousands of people are still protesting in GotaGoGama

Hundreds of thousands of people are still protesting in GotaGoGama

Today marks the 10th day of a protest in front of the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo demanding democratic changes, including the resignation of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and the resignation of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.
Even though the holiday was over for a few days, there was no shortage of people joining the Galle Face non-partisan struggle today.

People continued to protest in front of the main entrance in front of the Presidential Secretariat.

In support of the struggle, IT engineer Lalith Nanda Kumara Hewaratne concluded the satyagraha this morning.

I am handing over to Sachith Maduranga who holds the record of throwing the baton and javelin that I have brought so far today. This struggle is only for everyone in Sri Lanka. A struggle for all in all four corners of Sri Lanka. This is not our personal struggle.

Then Sachith Maduranga, the silver medalist in the javelin throw event at the 2013 Asian Games, started a 24 hour satyagraha.

We went to the international level as athletes and proudly said the name Sri Lanka. However, in the face of this situation, a situation has arisen where the name of Sri Lanka cannot be mentioned. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. That’s why we all need to come together.

A group of cyclists from the Katana area arrived in front of the Presidential Secretariat today.

“These rulers are not leaving this. This is going to be 10 days and they’re not leaving. There is no solution for this in Parliament either. We love this country. We have nowhere to go. We have nowhere to go. Where is the money for us to go. Please tell these rulers to give this country to someone who can do it now. We must protect this pearl. If we do not protect it, who in God will protect it ”

People from various fields including artists, scholars and professionals could be seen at the protest site today and people with special needs including the hearing impaired also joined the struggle today.

The disabled war heroes who joined in the struggle yesterday are still there.

People are protesting against various activities in and around the place named as Gotagogama.

A library, a non-perishable garbage dump, a petition signed to attract the attention of the United Nations, and an outdoor theater can also be seen at the protest site.

Meanwhile, high voltage lights were installed on the premises of the Presidential Secretariat today to quell a protest using a projector.